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The BFA evaluates the choices through which food decision-makers can affect positive transformation. The Report of the Blue Food Assessment synthesizes key findings of the BFA’s scientific papers and outlines their implications for food systems. A series of Action Briefs share specific findings and recommendations for various blue food actors throughout the sector.

The Report of the Blue Food Assessment

As decision-makers around the world gather to chart the future of food systems, in the UN Food Systems Summit and in other venues, blue foods must be an integral part of their discussions. In our Report of the Blue Food Assessment, the BFA provides the scientific foundation decision-makers need to ensure blue foods are a powerful force for change that benefits people and the planet.

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Public Health

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Aerial view of fish farm in the ocean.


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Retail and Food Service

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Three women in Mozambique walk through the shallow water carrying buckets of fish on their heads.


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Blue Food Companies

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