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Our Ocean Palau 2022 Exhibition Booth

Women reading paper in front of table.
Image Credit: U.S. Department of State

The on-site exhibition booth at the Our Ocean Conference in Koror, Palau highlights scientific research from the Blue Food Assessment, global collaboration through the Aquatic Blue Food Coalition and regional action through the Pacific Community (SPC). Here, we share resources from the booth for a virtual audience. Watch the full exhibition booth video on the Blue Food Assessment YouTube channel.

A Scientific Foundation: The Blue Food Assessment

Actors across the blue food sector can and should ground policy and practice in the latest science. Blue Food Assessment research fills important gaps in our understanding of the role blue food plays in global food systems now and in the future and illuminates the choices through which food decision-makers can affect positive change.

An Opportunity for Regional Action: The Pacific Community (SPC)

The Pacific Community (SPC) highlights how regional action can ensure blue foods positively contribute to a unified, safe, equitable and resilient Blue Pacific. SPC supports sustainable development by applying a people-centred approach to science, research and technology across all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mobilizing Global Action: Aquatic Blue Food Coalition

The Our Ocean Conference is an opportunity for decision-makers to explore how they can manage blue foods as an integral part of sustainable food systems at a global scale. The Aquatic Blue Food Coalition is a multi-sectoral alliance united in a mission of acting to promote understanding, acceptance, and integration of sustainable aquatic/blue foods in food systems and food value-chains thinking and decision-making, at all levels.