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Policymakers ‘fail to support small-scale fisheries’ | SciDev.Net Africa

Three women walk out of the water carrying baskets on their heads.
Image Credit: Rebecca Short

This excerpt is from a September 28 article by Onyango Nyamol. Read the full piece here.

Small-scale fisheries provide livelihoods for millions of people globally, particularly in the developing world, but are overlooked by policymakers, making the need to understand their diversity, roles and resilience critical, researchers say.

In a paper published this month in Nature Food, researchers call for better understanding of the small-scale fisheries sector, along with targeted action such as ensuring that policy goals support the sector actors to derive sufficient benefit from their activities and investments.

“The small-scale sector provides more than 50 percent of what human beings eat from aquatic [water] environments. We are at a watershed moment for blue foods [fish and other foods from water bodies], and simply cannot move in the right direction without putting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture front and center.” — Rebecca Short, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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