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HotFish Podcasts | Implications of climate change on aquaculture and aquatic food | University of Stirling

Pond dykes in Africa used for additional cropping.

HotFish Podcasts is a new series from the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling. Each episode discusses the implications of climate change in different aquaculture and aquatic food contexts around the world, including episode two, which builds on research from the Blue Food Assessment.

Episode two: Can smallholder fish ponds in Africa be climate smart?

In this episode, Professor David Little from the BFA Scientific Leadership Team and the University of Stirling’s Aleksander (Olek) Kaminski discuss how aquaculture ponds in Sub-Saharan Africa could make farms more climate smart.

Listen to episode two of the HotFish Podcast >

Dave Little.

“When we think of ponds and stocking them with fish, we shouldn’t just think improved nutrition begins and ends with the fish. Actually it’s about what else derives from having a pond on the farm, the irrigation of crops or vegetables around it can be valuable.”

Professor David Little, University of Stirling