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Building on the vital role of blue foods | The Fish Site

Women sorting and preparing to sell fish

This excerpt is from a piece on The Fish Site published on 16 May 2022 discussing the importance of blue foods. Read the full article here.

As part of last year’s United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) agenda-setting process, members of the Blue Food Assessment team were invited to contribute a Food Systems Summit Brief in cooperation with the Scientific Group for the UNFSS. This brief, The Vital Roles of Blue Foods in the Global Food System, highlighted the importance of aquatic foods to global food dialogues.

A recent peer-reviewed publication in Global Food Security (Tigchelaar et al. 2022) expands on the recommendations and includes examples of blue food systems.

In the paper, members of the Blue Food Assessment team argue that to ensure blue foods continue to make a significant contribution to global food systems, governments need to incorporate them in their food-related decision-making. By combining recent blue food science, examples of management approaches and other evidence, the paper can serve as a resource for blue food transformation into the future.

Read the piece from The Fish Site here >

Read the paper in full here >