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Blue Food Assessment provides sustainability recommendations to seafood industry | SeafoodSource

Overhead photo of dried fish on a white towel.

This excerpt is from a SeafoodSource article featuring Blue Food Assessment research and policy recommendations, and three members of the BFA team. Read the full piece here.

The growing field of research into blue foods – aquatic animals, plants, and algae from either marine or freshwater ecosystems – and their importance to a sustainable food system is providing the seafood industry and retailers an opportunity to differentiate seafood in the broader protein market.

The Blue Food Assessment is an effort led by Stanford University’s Center for Ocean Solutions and Center on Food Security and the Environment; the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University; and EAT, a nonprofit dedicated to food-system transformation. The initiative is intended to understand the role of blue foods in global food systems and propel change that will shape the future of the seafood industry.

Michelle Tigchelaar.

“Blue foods play a central role in food and nutrition security for billions of people and are a cornerstone of the livelihoods, economies, and cultures of many coastal communities, yet they are often left out of food system analyses, discussions, and decisions.”

Michelle Tigchelaar, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
J. Zachary Koehn

“When thinking about the growth of blue foods in the broader protein market, it’s also important to think about health. Most blue foods are more nutrient rich than terrestrial animals, but diversity matters.”

Zach Koehn, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Jim Leape.

“Seafood companies and retailers bring blue foods to consumers, and play a critical role in ensuring that consumers have good choices. In the future, we will work with initiatives like the newly established Blue Food Partnership to help companies develop healthier and more sustainable blue food value chains.”

Jim Leape, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

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