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UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment

24 Jul 2023 • Rome • Italy
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The UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment built on the momentum of the 2021 Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and created a conducive space for countries to review progress on the commitments to action and identify successes, enduring bottlenecks, and priorities in order to close the implementation gap by effectively and efficiently utilizing the Means of Implementation for food systems transformation. It also was an opportunity to further socialize the powerful role of sustainable, equitable, healthy and resilient food systems as critical SDG accelerators and advocate for urgent action at scale, building on the latest evidence that sustainable food systems contribute to better and more sustainable outcomes for people, planet and prosperity leaving no one behind.

The UNFSS provided an ideal platform to bring new insights and a much deeper understanding of aquatic foods into dialogues about the future of food production from the ocean and freshwater systems. The Blue Food Assessment brought blue foods to the policy table at that Summit, which also laid a foundation for the Aquatic Blue Food Coalition.

Blue foods at UNFSS +2

Blue Transformation – advancing aquatic food systems for people, planet and prosperity

Tuesday, 25th July | 09:30-10:30

Aquatic foods can be crucial for enhancing food security and nutrition, while addressing climate change. Transforming aquatic food systems can increase the supply of nutritious food sustainably, while contributing to decent and equitable employment and community resilience. Blue Transformation acknowledges the need to support the 2030 Agenda by transitioning towards more inclusive, resilient and sustainable aquatic food systems capable of feeding the world’s population amid changing environmental, social, and climate conditions. This event showcased Members’ initiatives and promote partnerships to progress in the aquatic food domain.

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