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Transforming Food, Land and Water Systems for Sustainable Healthy Diets | CFS 49

11 Oct 2021
Sweeping cliffs along the waters edge with patchwork fields along the horizon.

Organized shortly after the United Nations Food Systems Summit, the 49th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) focused on the 2021 State of Food Security and Nutrition report, uptake of the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition, CFS Multi-Year Programme of Work and other ongoing CFS workstreams and priorities. Virtual side events enriched and complemented the CFS 49 Plenary and gave partners and other stakeholders an opportunity to highlight their work.

The ‘Transforming Food, Land and Water Systems for Sustainable Healthy Diets‘ side event, organized by Stanford University, WorldFish, Environmental Defense Fund, UN Nutrition, CGIAR, and the International Livestock Research Institute, was an opportunity to discuss blue food and land systems together. Equitable access to nutritious, safe, and culturally appropriate foods is central to food systems transformation and making sustainable healthy diets a reality for all.

Objectives of the Side Event:

  • Participants obtained an overview of the roles of aquatic foods and livestock-derived foods in sustainable food systems and healthy diets, including how they help vulnerable groups meet nutrient requirements and leveraging latest scientific research (like the Blue Foods Assessment)
  • Participants benefited from a balanced debate about these foods, from several perspectives: health, sustainability, and equity
  • Participants appreciated the contribution of these foods to dietary diversity and interplay with biodiversity and climate change mitigation

Watch the full recording of the event below!

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