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The UN Food Systems Summit and Sustainable Seafood | Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2021

11 Oct 2021
Small fish in a bucket.

International momentum for building a more sustainable society has been growing green recovery plans which combine climate change measures and biodiversity conservation. The ocean, which covers approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface area, plays a major role in solving both of these issues, and efforts to promote the blue economy which balances economy and sustainability, have been activated in many parts of the world.

The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit (TSSS) will focus on Digital Transformation and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment, which are key to the realization of sustainable Japanese fisheries. By connecting Japan and other parts of the world online, various experts and frontrunners will bring together the latest knowledge and draw the next step of the sustainable seafood movement.

Jim Leape, Co-Director of Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and member of the Blue Food Assessment Core Team will speak at TSSS as part of the ‘2030 Vision’ session. Leape the will look back at The UN Food Systems Summit, ensuring the sustainability of the food system was first discussed as a global commons issue, and will talk about the future of sustainable seafood.

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