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One Ocean Summit

9 Feb 2022 • Brest • France
Ocean waves with writing One Ocean Summit.

The ocean regulates the main elements of environmental balance—the climate in particular—and provides rich resources of all types. It is a major vehicle of economic exchange; an essential link between countries and human communities. Today, the ocean is threatened by many adversities such as climate change, pollution due to plastic, and, in particular, the overexploitation of marine resources.

To mobilize the international community and take concrete action to reduce these adverse effects on the ocean, the President of the French Republic decided to organize a One Planet Summit dedicated to the Ocean – the “One Ocean Summit.” The One Ocean Summit aimed to raise the international community’s level of ambition on maritime issues; to translate our shared responsibility for the Ocean into concrete actions.

The Ocean Provider in 2030 | February 10 | 11 AM-12:30 PM CET

Members of the Blue Food Assessment team joined a session at the One Ocean Summit to discuss challenges and opportunities for sustainable blue food systems. Speakers included:

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