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Ocean Visions Biennial Summit

4 Apr 2023 • Atlanta • USA
Coastal overhead shot in the background. Ocean Visions logo in the foreground.

The Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023 was a significant opportunity to advance the sharing of knowledge and solutions to critical challenges at the ocean-climate nexus. 

The ocean is under threat from a host of pressures, but none loom larger than those caused by greenhouse gas pollution, which drives overheating and acidification. Ocean heating is in turn causing deoxygenation, sea level rise, and disruption of critical marine ecosystem functions and services. In order to address this ocean-climate crisis, the world needs to generate and scale innovative solutions much more effectively and quickly. 

Summit participants shared and discussed cutting-edge advancements in ocean sciences, engineering, policy, governance and economics that support trajectory-changing solutions to the dangerous climate impacts on the ocean. The Summit was held at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia from April 4-6, 2023.

Blue Foods at Ocean Visions

Blue Food Opportunities for a Low-carbon Future

April 4 | 12:30-1pm ET | Georgia Aquarium – Arctic/Pacific Ballroom

Michelle Tigchelaar, a research scientist at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and member of the Blue Food Assessment core team, presented as part of the Ocean-Based Contributions to Global Decarbonization track. She currently leads research on the role of blue foods in national climate strategies, on tools for assessing blue-green climate risk to nutrition, and on climate impacts and adaptations for fishery worker health.

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