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Health of the seas and oceans and their role in the present and future of humanity | Pontifical Academy of Sciences

8 Jun 2022 • Casina Pio IV • Vatican City
Painting of religious figure and two fishers.
Duccio, The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew (1308/1311)

The United Nations Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development began in 2021, and there is less than a decade left to achieve the sustainable development goals of the UN Agenda 2030. What are proposals and solutions from scientific findings today to make seas and the ocean healthy and prosperous for future generations? A World Ocean Day meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican, in collaboration with Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, brought together experts from around the world to discuss ideas and possible solutions for sustainability for the UN Ocean Decade and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Jim Leape, co-director of the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and member of the Blue Food Assessment core team, joined “Session III: Food and health from a sustainable ocean” to discuss “Blue Food Opportunities.” Leape highlighted the latest scientific findings of the Blue Food Assessment and shared targeted policy recommendations for health, development and environment ministers.

Casina Pio IV

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