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Global Launch Event

16 Sep 2021

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Ripples in the ocean move with the current.
Exploring the future of blue food and its role in supporting health, livelihoods and sustainability

Join our co-chairs and thought leaders from the food systems transformation community as they premiere the findings of the Blue Food Assessment to a global audience. Throughout this 60-minute digital broadcast, we’ll hear from leading scientists, inspirational advocates, and changemakers about the enormous potential and inherent challenges of blue food and how thoughtful policies and practices can drive positive change across the sector.

Blue food can be a powerful tool for public health, advance equitable livelihoods, and boost sustainable food production. Despite these many benefits, blue food is often overlooked in global food system discussions, which tend to focus on terrestrial crops and livestock. The launch of the Blue Food Assessment will highlight the interconnection of aquatic and terrestrial food systems, present the latest science on how blue food can support a shift towards a healthier and more sustainable future, and spark policy discussions about how to set that shift in motion.

Please click the play arrow at the top of this page to view the event. The full event program is available here. Happy viewing!

The Blue Food Assessment urges thought leaders from terrestrial and aquatic systems to come together as a united front.”

— Rosamond Naylor, Blue Food Assessment Co-Chair

Blue food presents opportunities to build resilience for people and the planet that we can’t afford to ignore.”

— Beatrice Crona, Blue Food Assessment Co-Chair