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Blue Food Innovation Summit

23 May 2023 • London • United Kingdom
Light blue background with five circles containing blue foods.
Credit: Blue Food Innovation Summit

In 2023, the Blue Food Innovation Summit returned to London to delve deeper into the fast-developing landscape of aquaculture and ocean health. With our food system increasingly under stress from conflict and climate change, the summit aimed to put blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices at the heart of the global conversation.

Taking place on May 23-24, the summit brought together ground-breaking companies from around the globe to discuss forward-thinking approaches to aquatic food production, including sustainable aquafeed, seaweed, fish health and welfare, and digital platforms for smallholder farmers.

By showcasing disruptive technologies, and exploring case studies of innovation in action, the focus was on overcoming bottlenecks to growth and promoting greater partnership and collaboration to protect and restore the ocean ecosystem.

Blue Food Assessment members at the Summit

Bridging Silos: Raising the Profile of Blue Food in Climate, Sustainability & Food Conversations

May 23 | 9:00 BST | Opening Keynote

  • As Blue Food gains recognition as one of the world’s most important sources of nutrition, how can aquaculture producers, retailers, investors, start-ups, and NGOs collaborate towards a strong blue economy, and a sustained ocean environment?
  • With climate instability causing fluctuation in our oceans and environments, how are these organizations and innovators building resilience and strengthening the blue food system?

Speaker: Jim Leape, Co-director, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions and Core Team, Blue Food Assessment

Waves of Change: Unifying the Blue Sector through Education, Collaboration, and Investment

May 24 | 15:15 BST | Panel Discussion

  • How do consumers and policymakers view the aquaculture industry and what implications does this have on the sector’s overall growth?
  • In the current climate of economic and climate instability, how is the blue food industry strengthening natural resources and providing socio-economic security to strengthen communities?
  • What challenges are innovators focusing on and how can investors finance solutions in the blue space?
  • How can the blue industry unite to positively communicate seafood’s role as a sustainable method in filling the protein gap and mitigating climate instability?

Session Chair: Peter Bryant, Oceans Program Director, Builders Vision


  • Dave Little, Professor, The University of Stirling and Scientific Leadership Team, Blue Food Assessment
  • Jennifer Bushman, Chief Marketing Officer, Kvaroy Arctic
  • Laurent Develle, EVP Group General Counsel and Head of Corporate Affairs, Regal Springs
  • Chris Ninnes, Chief Executive Officer, Aquaculture Stewardship Council
  • Doreen Wong, Associate Director, Ecopreneurship & Investment, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

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